But will it rent? Why Northern England locations are prime rental space.

There is no lack of choice when it comes to buying an investment property. The question is not so much whether to invest but where to invest. We suggest you look north.


Why the north of England?

With what looks like difficult financial times ahead, there is going to be no shortage of offers, deals and dubious ‘grab it quick’ opportunities for investors. The bottom line though is that, while there is no such thing as a sure-fire investment, there are some that stand out as having more potential for growth and less risk than other. One of these is the north of England and in particular the city hot spots.


Northern England has been a development opportunity for some time now. Post-pandemic it is continuing to attract attention from investment at pretty much every level. Since, nowhere has quite the reputation for straight talking as the North, let’s be plain about the main reason why it is so popular. Compared to other parts of the country cities such as Liverpool, Sheffield, and Manchester provide excellent opportunities for existing business and start-ups, and therefore also property investment money. Outstanding properties can be purchased for a fraction of the cost of other metropolitan areas, and they are in demand. The relatively low prices seen for property also carry through to the more general cost of living and the cost of doing business, making the area attractive on every level. It seems logical then that If we see a continuing trend of rising costs, businesses looking to invest (and the potential renters that work for them) will continue to look at cities like Liverpool and Manchester.


The Northwest of the country really is a great example of the potential investment opportunities available in the UK. At the moment, the level of growth in the area is such that even if the economy stalls the local economic landscape could well provide a growth bubble and, if that doesn’t happen, there is already a steam roller of growth in progress that is unlikely to stop. In terms of property price growth alone for example, the region is one of the strongest in England.


Liverpool- A growing investment centre

As well as being one of the most distinctive cities in the world, Liverpool is growing and developing at a rate that is the envy of many other areas. Property price growth has been steady and impressive for years now. Liverpool achieved an incredible 10.6% increase in average house prices during the Summer of 2021 and, although this is naturally slowing a little now, it is still growing at a rate that should outstrip most, if not all, major UK cities.


Not that the phenomenal growth has impacted on the potential for investment as a lower cost option. If you look at our listing at St Annes Gardens as a guide you can clearly see the potential for the area. St Annes Gardens is located close to the city centre, less than a mile from some of England’s best shopping and dining, within walking distance from the rail link and similarly close to the knowledge quarter which is home to the science park and a major centre for UK innovation. Yet, the price of investment in an apartment in the extensively renovated area of St Annes Gardens, is only in the region £135,000.


Manchester – A heritage of innovation and growth

We have been singing the praises of Manchester for some time now. There is no doubt about the heritage and quality of life it represents. There has been an incredible amount of investment in the area both in terms of urban renewal and business and innovation. Again, our property at Botanical Gardens, Trafford shows just how cost effective an investment in the Northwest can be. Property prices has risen at near Liverpool benchmarks and the city itself has grown alongside them. Trafford is typical of a Manchester areas development. It is unique and yet invested in the heritage of Manchester with a remarkable 200 listed buildings, great schools and excellent transport links and public transport infrastructure. Again, as with Liverpool, the prices are low enough that investing in property here is one the best options in England.


If you are considering a property investment, then we do recommend you look to the North and the Northwest in particular right now. There is nowhere like it and there are few places that offer the same potential.



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