UK property market loan notes 15% pa

Concentrating on projects in areas of high capital growth and increasing rental demand throughout the United Kingdom.

1. Our Process

Our Experienced team target highly lucrative land development opportunities to deliver residential and commercial schemes, based on profitability, growth and future demand.

2. Strategic Acquisitions

As a market disruptor, we look for opportunities where others may not. We work alongside our professional partners to acquire, develop and manage property assets to secure profitability for our company and stakeholders.

3. Sell or Retain

Our ability to adapt to changing market conditions is a key contributor to our success. We engage with prospective buyers in both local and international markets. If not sold, properties are refined or retained in our portfolio to generate income stream.


Delivering Excellence In Residential & Commercial Development

Our team have vast experience in the UK property market. The individuals that make up our company have delivered thousands of residential and commercial units in the past twenty five years.


Paid out £15 back to investors over the last 2 years

Trusted by over 1000 clients globally



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    UK property market loan notes 15% pa


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    IMPORTANT: Please note that all assured rental returns are provided by the developer, no liability is taken for rental returns by Property Wealth Ltd. None of the properties listed on this website are approved or regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and are not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. We recommend that Investors seek independent advice before making any investments.