Gold Loan note

From £20,000

Gold Loan Note 30% pa (2.5% paid monthly)

Offering 30% pa (2.5% paid monthly), Security Trustee

  • 1-year Gold Loan Note paying 2.5% per month (30% per annum), income paid monthly, end of each month
  • Gold bought at 15% below Spot Price; Sold at Spot or Spot -1.
  • Fixed and floating charge over Groups 4 companies, plus substantial holdings of actual physical gold, continuously bought 15% below spot price, with accumulative profit.
  • Chargeheld by security trustee.
  • Gold purchase to sale chain only 2-weeks, meaning gold can be bought/sold 25 times across the 1-year investment.
  • After 15% purchase discount, refinery and shipping costs, profits are around 24% per month, based upon 2 buy/sell cycles every month (25-times per annum).
  • Early redemption anytime, with only 90-days’ notice, income paid up until the actual redemption date.
  • Gold is assayed at 99.99 standard.
  • Gold sourced from Partner company based in Australia and Papua New Guinea through London DE Gold expert of 20-years in the industry who was born in Papua New Guinea and speaks the local language.
  • Guaranteed supply of gold, plus guaranteed customers, plus letter of intent, totalling 560kg per month demand.
  • Minimum investment: Only £20,000, which would give a £500 per month income (2.5% per month return, paid monthly).


  • Price £20,000

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